I am conditioning myself for the biggest physical and emotional event of my life…due October 30th. So, I’ve been training, but my training has changed over the past 5 1/2 months. And it’ll continue to change over the next 4 as well. At 23 weeks pregnant, I’m still active and in the next few posts, I’ll be sharing a few things about this pregnancy, my conditioning and more.

So, just wanted to say hello again and let you know I’m still here. Still training clients. And conditioning my own body for one of the biggest mental, emotional and physical events of my life. I’d love to hear any questions any other moms-to-be might have. Please feel welcome to email me directly or post a comment below.

Angelina's Strength Training: Self Portrait: 5.5 months along in pregnancy

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

          Professional therapists are trusted with a variety of sensitive issues surrounding the client’s life, and are responsible for building a framework for establishing healthy and responsible boundaries in the relationship. Trust is compromised when irresponsible interactions between the client and professional occur, and the vulnerable client can be set back even further with mental health obstacles. Each scenario should be carefully thought out by the responsible professional, since certain situations regarding multiple relationships are not always harmful.
As a Trainer and motivational counselor, I deal with multiple factors affecting the client’s individual needs and overall health and wellness. The relationship begins with the first impression during the consultation, which establishes a framework for the relationship. This is a time for the client to decide if I am the right fit for helping them achieve their goals, and a time for us to discuss experiences to build a foundation around.
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This assessment process is the first step in developing personal framework is and boundaries, as the client is able to see how my approach can help them reach goals, and the health questionnaire allows me to learn about mental and physical behaviors that have caused problems or prevented success. The client begins trusting the professional in the first hour of meeting, as many personal details about their life are brought to the surface.
My personal beliefs and values, as well as my understanding of the importance of ethical codes, are demonstrated heavily during the  consultation. The client is able to see that I too have struggled with weight, depression, anxiety, stress eating, and other negative influences on health. I am not only researched in these areas, but have lived it and have helped many people get away from the vicious cycle of self destruction.
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Another huge part of my personal values shows through in my caring and sincere drive to really want to help others. This is not something that can be faked, it is a true passion to want to provide tools for improving lives for the better and make people happier. My positive energy and ability to build people up when they feel alone and down on themselves, helps to keep them moving in an upward direction.
Clients need direction when they are not with me for their hour session, so I expand boundaries by providing activities and nutritional guidelines to follow when they’re on their own. Going above and beyond the minimum service offered adds more value and results, showing my dedication to the client.
The biggest part of upholding ethical conduct with multiple clients is to be sure to follow client confidentiality. I can use hypothetical scenarios without giving the names of the client I am using as an example, if it is directly related and helpful for the client I am discussing this with. The client is having a one on one private session, trusting that I will keep the details between us, and I am not a responsible professional if I break this bond.

Tuesday March 5, 2013

There are tons of weight loss methods, supplements, diets, and anything and everything revolving around what you consume or don’t consume. That tells us the most effective way to lose weight is through nutrition! No short term unrealistic band aids, but the real treatment for your body. One of the only frustrating things about being a personal trainer is when the client you care dearly for struggles to achieve weight loss goals. It is very important to stress the need to clean up dietary habits while working an exercise program. Knowing how to eat before and after workouts, and throughout the day, maximizes the physical activity performed and gives you energy to achieve a healthy metabolism.
Blog Fitness           The point of working out is to achieve a healthy balance between lean mass and fat mass. The BMI method is out and makes no sense, since it is based on height and weight and does not consider muscle mass. Muscle burns body fat and takes up far less room (less inches all around your body) than fat. A healthy body fat percentage is different for men and women, and age is also a factor. For example, a woman aged 20-40 should be in the range of 18-22 percent body fat. A healthy man the same age group would be between 10 and 18 percent body fat. Having more muscle makes you stronger, more flexible, less prone to disease, and allows you to consume more calories!! Don’t count calories, but eat calories that count. The way to get lean in the first place is by eating the right calories—not refined processed foods, and that can’t change once you’ve slimmed down or you’ll easily fall back the other way.

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If you have a personal trainer, you need to be able to trust them and be honest with your nutritional downfalls and let them help you find ways to make it better, in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling completely deprived and hungry all the time.

March 1, 2013

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Thursday Feb, 28, 2013


Life throws all kinds of distractions in your path, good and bad, but the most important thing for your health is to remind yourself to take care of number one. Taking care of others doesn’t work well when you neglect your own needs and well-being.

Whether it is your workout routine, diet, relationships, or work, be sure you are making decisions that satisfy your best interest and mental health. If a continual problem does not get better, or gets worse, find a way to take that situation out of your life equation.

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Remember…..you can’t change others, only yourself! Make a change for the better in your life everyday, and find that happiness and less stress and goals can be attained. Create the environment you want to live in, and only surround yourself with positive supporters. Make a detailed list of goals you would like to work towards, and makes constant steps to reach them.

Tuesday 2/26/2013 

Top 5 highlights for how to keep your diet simple and look at how you eat as a way of living, not as a diet:


1. Make sure your food is real. Sounds easy, but in our busy lives we can forget how many chemicals that we can’t pronounce are in the food we’re eating. Preservatives, flavor enhancers and so on can wreak havoc on your health and weight loss goals. There are plenty of antioxidant rich, cancer fighting herbs and spices (garlic, cilantro, basil, cinnamon, turmeric, onion powder) you can cook with, rather than buying the prepackaged processed options.

2. Plan. It is not that difficult to cook extra chicken and veggies and steam some brown rice when making dinner, so you have lunch for work the next day. The problem lies in either not cooking at home

Blog picsenough, or just not thinking about lunch the next day when you’re cooking. Think about how you are going to eat the next day or over the course of the week, rather than ending up out in the world tempted by where your co-workers are going. I have a client who says lunch can be the trickiest meal of the day for him to be good, when he doesn’t plan.

3. Variety spices up life, food, and workouts!
In order to be sure you are getting all of your essential vitamins and minerals, eat different types of fruits, veggies, grains, and meats. Add seafood to the mix if you’re getting tired of chicken, chop up some tropical fruit for your work snack, rather than a boring banana sitting at the bottom of your purse. Try protein packed whole grain quinoa in place of rice for a change. Knowing that you’ve got lots of choices, and with that, far more valuable nutrients and less boredom with your “diet” allows you to develop more realistic and sustainable eating habits.  Be creative, healthy flavorful food can be a quick simple process.

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 4. Balance. You have heard again and again, low carb this, no carbs that…The fact is, we need carbs for fuel, especially when you have a rigorous workout regimen and busy life. The key factors with carbs is what kind and how much. You need a nice balance of proteins, healthy fats (monounsaturated), and carbohydrates in your daily diet. If you are training for a bodybuilding competition, then yes, carb depletion days before show time is necessary. Detox diets that last 2 weeks are also good to do periodically. But

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if you do a long term no carb diet, valuable disease fighting nutrients are missing (many veggies and all fruits have carbs), and much of the weight lost is gained back once carbs are reintroduced. Nothing is more frustrating than up and down weight gain and loss, especially after months of depriving yourself of many foods. Limit carbohydrate intake to a small portion of complex carbs (whole grains, oatmeal, low glycemic foods, some fruits) every other meal. It’s all about moderation and balance.

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5. Portions size is huge. No pun intended :0 HaHa! It is very important to keep your portions in check and be more of a grazer throughout the day if small portions leave you feeling hungry an hour later. If you are getting enough protein in each meal, you should never feel hungry after 5 small meals throughout the day. Not only are you keeping valuable nutrition replenishing your body all day, you are less likely to late night snack on whatever happens to be around.

Shoulder Press


Strength Training a.k.a. Resistance Training = Weightlifting & Bodyweight Exercises
Your body becomes the machine…No gym required!
Why do I need to do it?

blog muscle metabolism                          Blog Strength

  • Breaking down muscle = burning calories at rest
  • blog burn fatMuscle burns fat
  • Muscle does not mean short and bulky, functional training builds long lean muscle
  • Functional exercise replicates real life movement, engaging multiple muscle groups
  • Working the largest muscles (legs/glutes, back, chest) burns the most calories
  • Muscle takes up far less space than fat = less inches all around your body
  • Strength Training prevents injury and rebuilds injured ligaments and joints
  • Makes bones stronger and healthier, reducing fracture risk and osteoporosis
  • Improves sleep and energy
  • Prepares you for activities like hiking, running, competitions, sports of all kinds, and more!
  • Reduces risk of heart disease (the heart is a muscle!!) and diabetes, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress
  • Facilitates weight loss maintenance
  • Increases flexibility
  • Diminishes chronic pain caused by sedentary lifestyle                                                                                                                                      


            In addition to all of these amazing benefits to strength training, you know the exercise you are doing is going to create results!!  You are not wasting your time doing the same workout routine you have fallen into a habit of repeating…we are all guilty of this.  We need to break out of our comfort zone and follow these critical guidelines when weight training or using your own body to execute the move…

*Variation is key:  Never do the same workout twice.  Tweak it in some way, even though you are working the same muscle groups.

*Increase intensity and add variety by doing more repetitions, adding more weight, changing the range of motion, doing more sets, change speed (really slow reps, or fast timed sets)

*Stay consistent: Whether you are on your own, with a partner, or working with a personal trainer, you have got to hold yourself accountable with training 3-4 times per week and keeping nutrition clean…you have yourself to answer to 🙂

*Nutrition:  Make sure to eat/drink protein and a fast absorbing carb (fruit) within 30 mins after your workout, eat small balanced meals throughout the day, and lots of water!  Lots more to come on nutrition, a different topic every Tuesday.


I have decided to start a blog for a pathway of learning and communication between myself and my readers. I have been passionate about fitness for over ten years, and even before I became a certified personal trainer and business owner, I have researched the best nutrition and over all fitness methods and advice out there. There is no sustainable quick fix way to lose weight and keep it off, as the best results are attained through daily healthy lifestyle changes that work for you and that you enjoy! Who wants to stick to a flavorless diet or boring repetitive workout routine? Not me.

I will give you tips about which foods burn fat and boost metabolism, which types of exercise helps you burn calories at rest and which ones are a waste of your time. Most importantly, all the tips on fitness I provide here for you will help improve your quality of life, energy, sleep, hormonal balance, body image, strength, and mental well being. Putting yourself first is the first step to gaining complete control over all dimensions of your life!

Here is the schedule of blog categories….


blog 3 components of wellnessSundays: Exercise and physical fitness tips

Tuesdays: Nutrition tips for healthy living and a lean body
Thursdays: Mental fitness…Everything from stress management to goal setting and overcoming personal obstacles
I look forward to answering any questions you may have, and would love to read your opinions and success stories!



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I create individualized programs for clients with a variety of needs: injury recovery, strength, power, weight loss, metabolism, sports, flexibility, balance, and nutrition counseling.  Senior citizens are welcome and will be conditioned at a slower pace to prevent soreness.  Most clients train 2-4 times per week, scheduling is flexible, atmosphere is calm and provides privacy for those who despise busy gyms.