The mission at Angelina’s Strength Training is to assess the entire individual and to provide tailored plans that cultivate strength and wellness in every aspect of each person. True personal strength is derived from mind, body and spirit. Overemphasizing one aspect while neglecting other aspects is akin to building a car with a great engine but no tires, poor steering and limited range.

Angelina’s Strength Training focuses on the following key areas with their clients:

Sustainable Body

To improve mental outlook and consistently promote well-being over a lifetime, the body must be sustained. Sustenance is promoted through customized plans of exercise and proper nutrition that are designed for each unique individual, taking into account their current fitness levels, age and medical limitations.

Mental Strength

The link between mind and body is strong and very evident even to those who don’t make a study of the science. It is crucial to keep this link strong so that success in physical improvement feeds the mental outlook which in turn feeds back to even more improvement in the physical well-being. Mental strength is promoted through counseling and advice that promote a clear and positive outlook that accentuates continued interpersonal growth.

Spiritual Connection

The glue of the mind-body connection is spirit.  By cultivating improved strength and health in mind and body, we allow our spirit to flex and grow into even more areas.  This flood of new energy within us becomes evident to all we come in contact with it through improved attitude and the new life that shines from our eyes and our smiles.  It becomes a positive contagion that floods through our circles of family, friends and associates.

Achieving success in all these areas promotes increased motivation, accountability, positive thinking, growth, learning and and perseverance.