ONE YEAR LATER…November 3, 2014

How fast a year goes by!  All the strength training and working out clients paid off…I went from 197 lbs the day I went into labor, to 135 lbs today.  I think building a healthy metabolism before and during pregnancy is the best way to lose the baby weight.  Here are the highlights from my journey….

  • Birth Plan went exactly the way I hoped (except for the 28 hour part)
  • Absolutely no chemicals or interventions during labor and post-partum
  • Baby girl was the perfect size, very healthy and happy
  • Mama was healthy and back to work in 3 weeks (easing back with 2 clients)
  • Currently taking on new clients, I am stronger and healthier than ever
  • Would love to help out any new moms, expecting or planning to have a baby, with fitness and nutrition
  • BRING YOUR BABY TO YOUR TRAINING SESSIONS- an accommodation for those mothers who need and want this

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