It’s a Girl -and news on the Pregnancy Plan

Yesterday I entered the 3rd trimester, so baby (and I) are in the proverbial home stretch regarding this pregnancy.
She’s a SHE. Still in the process of name selection …and she’s still kicking and swimming a lot. This week’s medical appointment will identify the position of the baby, she may be into the birth position at this point. Baby’s heart rate has been between 140 and 150 bpm, healthy range.
More stats & experience:

* My blood pressure was 110/72 at 21 weeks pregnant …and more recently 115/70.

* All blood tests, triglycerides, blood glucose, and iron levels have been in the healthy range

* I haven’t had any swelling, dizziness, rapid weight gain, or headaches.

* I have maintained a healthy diet consisting of all whole real foods, no processed, pre packaged, or fast food.

* Cravings have been all surrounding fruits and healthy fats/proteins (yogurt, walnuts, avocados…probably nutrients my body needs in abundance to support placental and fetal development.

* I have taken a prenatal vitamin with DHA everyday since the day I found out I was pregnant.  (Women are recommended to start this regimen before conception, but I did not plan this pregnancy, but led a diet rich in nutrients for years prior.)

I have been dealing with round ligament pain (feels like side aches) when I walk, making it hard to walk without stopping.  My gym workouts have caused no pain and are helping me keep my back, chest, legs, and abs strong!  I have been doing standing ab exercises like variations of squats and deadlifts, a variety of back and shoulder workouts, and incline bench chest exercises.
I have gained 23 pounds to date, but it all seems to be baby, chest, and amniotic fluid weight.  Zero swelling (no edema), no added body fat around hips, back, legs, or arms.  My diet has remained balanced and nutrient dense (midwife looked at my food log and said I am “a model client”)
I am maintaining a client base of 15 clients, making my cut-off for each day total 7 sessions.
Starting to get more tired and you’ll have noticed I’m talking you through the exercises more in sessions rather than full out demonstrating for a couple of reps.
Upon Delivery…the Pregnancy Plan
We’ve been talking in sessions about what’ll happen when the baby comes and I wanted to put it into writing in a couple of places so you’ll never need worry or wonder…or stop your own training!
Let’s start with YOUR training
This next week I’ll begin shooting video demonstrating specific exercises for you to refer to – AND USE – for the two weeks (or so) after baby arrives. We’ll be using VineApp and the clips will be available on my Facebook page  as well as from my Vine account. So, if you haven’t yet, please like & follow.
Vine clips are to support you in your fitness goals. When you view them, they show in a continuous loop, so you tech savvy folk can even watch and work along with the clip for the specific number of reps!
Safety is in your form
The exercises selected for video are based on ease-of-use, safety and effectiveness. The most important thing to keep in mind is your form. Performing each move safely will keep you in your fitness game…rather than overdoing it or injuring yourself, thereby taking you out of strength routine.
Other tidbits about “The Plan”
Of course, it’s impossible to plan every detail, but here are a few more bits for you regarding what to expect toward the end of October.
I’m planning on training you in sessions up until labor starts. Healthcare providers are onboard with this and I am grateful the baby and I are in excellent health.
When labor starts, my sweetheart will contact Wendy Sloneker, who will notify you via email that the baby’s on the way.
Expecting to take two weeks after the birth to be with my family, rest and just be in love with the little one.
If you have a medical condition that requires exercise to maintain healthy numbers, you will be of the first to come back to the training sessions as I re-enter a light training schedule.
What else? This is all I can think of at the moment – so if any questions come to you, please ask and I will answer here, on Facebook…and in person!
This is how we’re moving forward though it really is up to the baby in the end. 🙂
Thanks so much for your excitement and loving support throughout all of this exciting time!
My best & much love, A

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