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Hi there. Wanted to share a little bit about what was going on with me when I first found out I was pregnant. What I was doing, what was happening…especially since my work is so physical.

It’s my story
Please keep in mind that I’ve been under a doctor’s care this whole time. I’m not a doctor and this blog doesn’t tell anyone that they should be doing what I do. I’m just sharing as one more mom-to-be…and this is just my experience and my story.

AngelinaGarrison.0weekspregnant Just before I found out I was expecting

I found out on Feb. 27th and I was 5 weeks along.

Feel really lucky to never have had morning sickness or any other symptoms besides fatigue. I was able to continue on with my normal workout routine through the entire first trimester.  The only difference was making sure I got 10-12 hours of sleep per day (including naps).

Those workouts generally looked like this: 

  • Upper body exercises using 12-25 lb dumbells
  • Lower body exercises using 40-70 pounds of resistance
  • Mat and standing ab exercises with 10-20 pounds of resistance, planks, crunches, and a variety of bodyweight full body exercises

It’s different now
Things have changed since those earlier days of pregnancy. My workouts have changed and so has my energy. More on that next week.

Working on a plan
In the meantime, I’m working up a plan for what you can expect in terms of my time away when the baby comes. The timing is entirely up to the baby and my docs say we’re both in great health…so am working on “the plan” and will be getting that out to you here on the blog, in email, and possibly even on Facebook.

What about YOU? 
If you’re pregnant and interested in continuing an active lifestyle, definitely check in with your doc or healthcare practitioner. I’m finding I can still  be active AND  I need to continually modify my activities as my body changes. See what your pro support team says about you, your body and your baby.

Angelina Garrison, 16weeks pregnant This is what 16 weeks pregnant looked like on me. More to come. :)

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