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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

          Professional therapists are trusted with a variety of sensitive issues surrounding the client’s life, and are responsible for building a framework for establishing healthy and responsible boundaries in the relationship. Trust is compromised when irresponsible interactions between the client and professional occur, and the vulnerable client can be set back even further with mental health obstacles. Each scenario should be carefully thought out by the responsible professional, since certain situations regarding multiple relationships are not always harmful.
As a Trainer and motivational counselor, I deal with multiple factors affecting the client’s individual needs and overall health and wellness. The relationship begins with the first impression during the consultation, which establishes a framework for the relationship. This is a time for the client to decide if I am the right fit for helping them achieve their goals, and a time for us to discuss experiences to build a foundation around.
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This assessment process is the first step in developing personal framework is and boundaries, as the client is able to see how my approach can help them reach goals, and the health questionnaire allows me to learn about mental and physical behaviors that have caused problems or prevented success. The client begins trusting the professional in the first hour of meeting, as many personal details about their life are brought to the surface.
My personal beliefs and values, as well as my understanding of the importance of ethical codes, are demonstrated heavily during the  consultation. The client is able to see that I too have struggled with weight, depression, anxiety, stress eating, and other negative influences on health. I am not only researched in these areas, but have lived it and have helped many people get away from the vicious cycle of self destruction.
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Another huge part of my personal values shows through in my caring and sincere drive to really want to help others. This is not something that can be faked, it is a true passion to want to provide tools for improving lives for the better and make people happier. My positive energy and ability to build people up when they feel alone and down on themselves, helps to keep them moving in an upward direction.
Clients need direction when they are not with me for their hour session, so I expand boundaries by providing activities and nutritional guidelines to follow when they’re on their own. Going above and beyond the minimum service offered adds more value and results, showing my dedication to the client.
The biggest part of upholding ethical conduct with multiple clients is to be sure to follow client confidentiality. I can use hypothetical scenarios without giving the names of the client I am using as an example, if it is directly related and helpful for the client I am discussing this with. The client is having a one on one private session, trusting that I will keep the details between us, and I am not a responsible professional if I break this bond.

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