Being Fit and Healthy Requires Activity And Nutrition

Tuesday March 5, 2013

There are tons of weight loss methods, supplements, diets, and anything and everything revolving around what you consume or don’t consume. That tells us the most effective way to lose weight is through nutrition! No short term unrealistic band aids, but the real treatment for your body. One of the only frustrating things about being a personal trainer is when the client you care dearly for struggles to achieve weight loss goals. It is very important to stress the need to clean up dietary habits while working an exercise program. Knowing how to eat before and after workouts, and throughout the day, maximizes the physical activity performed and gives you energy to achieve a healthy metabolism.
Blog Fitness           The point of working out is to achieve a healthy balance between lean mass and fat mass. The BMI method is out and makes no sense, since it is based on height and weight and does not consider muscle mass. Muscle burns body fat and takes up far less room (less inches all around your body) than fat. A healthy body fat percentage is different for men and women, and age is also a factor. For example, a woman aged 20-40 should be in the range of 18-22 percent body fat. A healthy man the same age group would be between 10 and 18 percent body fat. Having more muscle makes you stronger, more flexible, less prone to disease, and allows you to consume more calories!! Don’t count calories, but eat calories that count. The way to get lean in the first place is by eating the right calories—not refined processed foods, and that can’t change once you’ve slimmed down or you’ll easily fall back the other way.

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If you have a personal trainer, you need to be able to trust them and be honest with your nutritional downfalls and let them help you find ways to make it better, in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling completely deprived and hungry all the time.

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