“Strength Training Facts”

Shoulder Press


Strength Training a.k.a. Resistance Training = Weightlifting & Bodyweight Exercises
Your body becomes the machine…No gym required!
Why do I need to do it?

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  • Breaking down muscle = burning calories at rest
  • blog burn fatMuscle burns fat
  • Muscle does not mean short and bulky, functional training builds long lean muscle
  • Functional exercise replicates real life movement, engaging multiple muscle groups
  • Working the largest muscles (legs/glutes, back, chest) burns the most calories
  • Muscle takes up far less space than fat = less inches all around your body
  • Strength Training prevents injury and rebuilds injured ligaments and joints
  • Makes bones stronger and healthier, reducing fracture risk and osteoporosis
  • Improves sleep and energy
  • Prepares you for activities like hiking, running, competitions, sports of all kinds, and more!
  • Reduces risk of heart disease (the heart is a muscle!!) and diabetes, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress
  • Facilitates weight loss maintenance
  • Increases flexibility
  • Diminishes chronic pain caused by sedentary lifestyle                                                                                                                                      


            In addition to all of these amazing benefits to strength training, you know the exercise you are doing is going to create results!!  You are not wasting your time doing the same workout routine you have fallen into a habit of repeating…we are all guilty of this.  We need to break out of our comfort zone and follow these critical guidelines when weight training or using your own body to execute the move…

*Variation is key:  Never do the same workout twice.  Tweak it in some way, even though you are working the same muscle groups.

*Increase intensity and add variety by doing more repetitions, adding more weight, changing the range of motion, doing more sets, change speed (really slow reps, or fast timed sets)

*Stay consistent: Whether you are on your own, with a partner, or working with a personal trainer, you have got to hold yourself accountable with training 3-4 times per week and keeping nutrition clean…you have yourself to answer to 🙂

*Nutrition:  Make sure to eat/drink protein and a fast absorbing carb (fruit) within 30 mins after your workout, eat small balanced meals throughout the day, and lots of water!  Lots more to come on nutrition, a different topic every Tuesday.

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