As I said in my last post, I am the Ideal Protein Coach for Selah Chiropractic in Eastern Washington, near Yakima.  This is a wonderful place to work and an excellent facility catering to many aspects of prevention and recovery for individualized client needs.

We can do massage, rehabilitation, Graston work, x-rays, adjustments, nutritional advice, Ideal Protein weight loss method, and sell products such as pillows and vitamins that are  highly recommended by our doctors.

Call for a complimentary consultation, either for chiropractic care or weight loss.

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318 S. 1st Street

Selah, WA 98942

Ideal Protein Ideal Protien Office

















As of the end of November 2016, I have taken on a new role as the Wellness Director and weight loss specialist at Selah Chiropractic and Wellness Center! This is much more rewarding than trying to run a fitness program out of my home, or travel to different client’s homes to meet their needs.

Ideal Protein is a highly successful, clinic-based, scientific ketogenic prescription diet.  Many people have heard of it, and most referrals come from client testimonials.  The most rewarding thing about this new career is that people are actually losing weight, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and many more positive side effects.  I did not see this in Personal Training, as weight loss and health problems greatly reduce when dietary changes are made, not by adding exercise to their life.  Don’t get me wrong, exercise is necessary and beneficial, but the real evidence and results are with Ideal Protein.

Please call or text me to book a complimentary consultation, if you are in the Selah or Yakima area.

(206) 276-6888

Selah Chiropractic and Wellness Center

The past two weeks have been filled with positivity, new names and faces, and the realization that becoming a successful fitness coach here is much more possible than I ever believed before.

The BNI groups I have been going back and forth on, (because I love them both) have lined me up with a list of businesses and events that will keep me busy well into July. Fun things I can bring my daughter to, and others more professional and collaborative.

There is a real need for healing everywhere you go, and the people I have met here are true healers. I will eventually post links to health websites through my group, so you all have more resources.

I am very much excited for this journey that I am on, and a new niche to add to my specialized population training (disease management and recovery, pregnancy, postpartum) which is the ability for me to come to the client’s home to accommodate convenience and break through motivating barriers.

Once again, call or text or email to set up a complimentary assessment!! 🙂 🙂

How fast a year goes by!  All the strength training and working out clients paid off…I went from 197 lbs the day I went into labor, to 135 lbs today.  I think building a healthy metabolism before and during pregnancy is the best way to lose the baby weight.  Here are the highlights from my journey….

  • Birth Plan went exactly the way I hoped (except for the 28 hour part)
  • Absolutely no chemicals or interventions during labor and post-partum
  • Baby girl was the perfect size, very healthy and happy
  • Mama was healthy and back to work in 3 weeks (easing back with 2 clients)
  • Currently taking on new clients, I am stronger and healthier than ever
  • Would love to help out any new moms, expecting or planning to have a baby, with fitness and nutrition
  • BRING YOUR BABY TO YOUR TRAINING SESSIONS- an accommodation for those mothers who need and want this

Well, the personal training days are looking like 4-5 clients per day lately (instead of 7), but I’m still feeling good if a little tired.

Angelina's strength training.37weeks I can still work you out, even if my own workouts are really different lately~ :)



This is what 35 weeks is looking like….as of last Wednesday…time is going fast and it’s exciting all right.

Angelina Garrison.35 weeks

Hi All –
It’s getting pretty busy here! Weather changing, baby growing, school is back in session and folks are back to work after summer fun.
I’ve been thinking of you lately. My maternity leave will be about a month long, it turns out, and I have a couple of things in mind to continue to support you and your fitness goals while I’m away. Let’s think about this & talk about this now (& during your sessions) instead of scrambling to come up with a plan

Demo videos are up on VineApp
Vine App is a mobile phone application that loops a 6-second video. Perfect for exercise demonstrations of proper form! I’ve recorded 3 of them and they are all up and “looping.” Just a few to give some ideas & support.

I’m still working out how to add the videos here to the website, but they are up on my Facebook page, so the current options are to either: See them on VineApp, or see them on my Facebook page.

Please follow & like both pages so you’ll have easy access to photos, videos, tips & other developments.


Angelina's Strength Training. 31 weeks pregnant This is what 31 weeks looks like.
Yesterday I entered the 3rd trimester, so baby (and I) are in the proverbial home stretch regarding this pregnancy.
She’s a SHE. Still in the process of name selection …and she’s still kicking and swimming a lot. This week’s medical appointment will identify the position of the baby, she may be into the birth position at this point. Baby’s heart rate has been between 140 and 150 bpm, healthy range.
More stats & experience:

* My blood pressure was 110/72 at 21 weeks pregnant …and more recently 115/70.

* All blood tests, triglycerides, blood glucose, and iron levels have been in the healthy range

* I haven’t had any swelling, dizziness, rapid weight gain, or headaches.

* I have maintained a healthy diet consisting of all whole real foods, no processed, pre packaged, or fast food.

* Cravings have been all surrounding fruits and healthy fats/proteins (yogurt, walnuts, avocados…probably nutrients my body needs in abundance to support placental and fetal development.

* I have taken a prenatal vitamin with DHA everyday since the day I found out I was pregnant.  (Women are recommended to start this regimen before conception, but I did not plan this pregnancy, but led a diet rich in nutrients for years prior.)

I have been dealing with round ligament pain (feels like side aches) when I walk, making it hard to walk without stopping.  My gym workouts have caused no pain and are helping me keep my back, chest, legs, and abs strong!  I have been doing standing ab exercises like variations of squats and deadlifts, a variety of back and shoulder workouts, and incline bench chest exercises.
I have gained 23 pounds to date, but it all seems to be baby, chest, and amniotic fluid weight.  Zero swelling (no edema), no added body fat around hips, back, legs, or arms.  My diet has remained balanced and nutrient dense (midwife looked at my food log and said I am “a model client”)
I am maintaining a client base of 15 clients, making my cut-off for each day total 7 sessions.
Starting to get more tired and you’ll have noticed I’m talking you through the exercises more in sessions rather than full out demonstrating for a couple of reps.
Upon Delivery…the Pregnancy Plan
We’ve been talking in sessions about what’ll happen when the baby comes and I wanted to put it into writing in a couple of places so you’ll never need worry or wonder…or stop your own training!
Let’s start with YOUR training
This next week I’ll begin shooting video demonstrating specific exercises for you to refer to – AND USE – for the two weeks (or so) after baby arrives. We’ll be using VineApp and the clips will be available on my Facebook page  as well as from my Vine account. So, if you haven’t yet, please like & follow.
Vine clips are to support you in your fitness goals. When you view them, they show in a continuous loop, so you tech savvy folk can even watch and work along with the clip for the specific number of reps!
Safety is in your form
The exercises selected for video are based on ease-of-use, safety and effectiveness. The most important thing to keep in mind is your form. Performing each move safely will keep you in your fitness game…rather than overdoing it or injuring yourself, thereby taking you out of strength routine.
Other tidbits about “The Plan”
Of course, it’s impossible to plan every detail, but here are a few more bits for you regarding what to expect toward the end of October.
I’m planning on training you in sessions up until labor starts. Healthcare providers are onboard with this and I am grateful the baby and I are in excellent health.
When labor starts, my sweetheart will contact Wendy Sloneker, who will notify you via email that the baby’s on the way.
Expecting to take two weeks after the birth to be with my family, rest and just be in love with the little one.
If you have a medical condition that requires exercise to maintain healthy numbers, you will be of the first to come back to the training sessions as I re-enter a light training schedule.
What else? This is all I can think of at the moment – so if any questions come to you, please ask and I will answer here, on Facebook…and in person!
This is how we’re moving forward though it really is up to the baby in the end. 🙂
Thanks so much for your excitement and loving support throughout all of this exciting time!
My best & much love, A

Hi there. Wanted to share a little bit about what was going on with me when I first found out I was pregnant. What I was doing, what was happening…especially since my work is so physical.

It’s my story
Please keep in mind that I’ve been under a doctor’s care this whole time. I’m not a doctor and this blog doesn’t tell anyone that they should be doing what I do. I’m just sharing as one more mom-to-be…and this is just my experience and my story.

AngelinaGarrison.0weekspregnant Just before I found out I was expecting

I found out on Feb. 27th and I was 5 weeks along.

Feel really lucky to never have had morning sickness or any other symptoms besides fatigue. I was able to continue on with my normal workout routine through the entire first trimester.  The only difference was making sure I got 10-12 hours of sleep per day (including naps).

Those workouts generally looked like this: 

  • Upper body exercises using 12-25 lb dumbells
  • Lower body exercises using 40-70 pounds of resistance
  • Mat and standing ab exercises with 10-20 pounds of resistance, planks, crunches, and a variety of bodyweight full body exercises

It’s different now
Things have changed since those earlier days of pregnancy. My workouts have changed and so has my energy. More on that next week.

Working on a plan
In the meantime, I’m working up a plan for what you can expect in terms of my time away when the baby comes. The timing is entirely up to the baby and my docs say we’re both in great health…so am working on “the plan” and will be getting that out to you here on the blog, in email, and possibly even on Facebook.

What about YOU? 
If you’re pregnant and interested in continuing an active lifestyle, definitely check in with your doc or healthcare practitioner. I’m finding I can still  be active AND  I need to continually modify my activities as my body changes. See what your pro support team says about you, your body and your baby.

Angelina Garrison, 16weeks pregnant This is what 16 weeks pregnant looked like on me. More to come. :)